Monday, June 11, 2007

Silicon Valley Bloggers

I have recently discovered this anonymous geek who started a blog as the Fake Steve Jobs. Many consider him as "Steve's alter ego" cos he seems to know more that you'd expect about His Holliness.

I took a dive in his archives and... Gosh, if you really feel down, go surf his blog. It's a scream. I copied here an extract from his "Clintstones" episode, an alleged encounter between the Silicon Valley's top CEO's and VCs and the Clintons in August 2006 to raise money for Hillary's upcoming Presidential campaign:

( text towards the end of the article... after Hillary's been quite arrogant to the Valley Semi-Gods, Steve had enough and stands up to address the ambitious ex-First Lady, after she made fun of his "John Lennon" 60ies hippie glasses)

... Now I'm the one who's stunned. I mean nobody makes fun of my John Lennon glasses. Nobody. I mean, seriously. So for a long time I just sit there, staring down at my hands, and I feel like my friggin head is gonna explode or something, and Doerr, who knows how I feel about my glasses, he says, Steve, whatever you're thinking, just let it go, okay? Just let it go. But I can't help myself. I go, Lady, let me tell you something. I grew up in this Valley, OK? And nobody comes into our Valley and talks to us like this, okay? You see the guys in this room? We built the friggin Internet with our bare hands, you understand? Me personally, I've been through hell and back. I got fired from my own company. I survived cancer. Then I invented the friggin iPod. Have you heard of it? You want our money, you want to be president, well you come and ask us, nice. You kiss the ring, like everybody else. You got that straight? And by the way, have you heard of Pilates? Cause you’ve got a really big fat lumpy ass. Seriously. It's like two big balloons full of oatmeal. Scary.

Hilary sits there with smoke coming out of her ears. Beside her, I swear, Bill is kinda laughing, or trying not to laugh or whatever. The whole room is silent. Then, way down at the far end of the table, T.J. Rodgers stands up and starts doing a slow clap, all by himself. Then the others join in. Pretty soon the whole room is clapping and shouting, Steve, Steve, Steve -- except for Doerr, of course, and the cyborg VCs who are programmed to do exactly what Doerr does at all times. The Clintstones and Soros make for the door, with Doerr scrambling after them apologizing and begging them not to leave, but Hilary just says, F- you, gerbil, don't call me ever again, and throws us all the finger, but we all just roar laughing and give her the finger right back. Ha! Thanks for coming to California, lady. Come back anytime!

Seriously, dudes, do not vote for her. That's all I'm gonna say. Peace out...

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