Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Buy Apple lap and desktops to run your best Windows ever...

Parallels has just published version 3.0 of their Desktop for Mac software. From now on you have no excuses to go buy anything else than Apple desktops and laptops. Not only they are the coolest looking personal computers but they run both operating systems (Mac and Windows) on the same desktop (see capture below). From inside windows you can run a Mac app and vice versa... performance speeds are just right, and for gamers, all the HW acceleration they need is just there waitin' for them. Steve Jobs for ever!

What the heck are you waiting for? Go buy a MacBook ! Your only chance to be cool!

Click on the picture for full resolution vewing...

What does the trick is the Intel processor architecture on the Core 2 Duo chips typically available in most Macs nowadays. Those marvels support the so-called virtualization which makes it possible to run a virtual OS within the MAC OSX (windowed or not) almost natively. Previous virtualization solutions that run in soft mode were dogs and never really broke thru. Contemporary solutions offered by Parallels (the one I own) and VMWare are a lot more efficient and take full advantage of the virtualization provided within the dual core Intel processors.

We waited for long to see this working... but the wait was worth. That stuff works great!

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