Monday, June 18, 2007

Mike Gravel for President.

Mike Gravel, the guy in the YouTube video below, is a US senator from Alaska who put himself up as a Presidential Candidate for the 2008 Presidential Elections. First time I saw this video at the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, I thought of it as a joke... after watching the entire clip at YouTube (the one displayed below) it got worse; I first thought the guy 's got Alzheimer's of some sort and his brain was turning into fluid... then I read comments by local US viewers, who certainly understand details of their own Politics better than I do, and I started to believe that the guy is not an isolated nutcase... at least not any more than the current administration...

Apparently, he's trying to make a statement; in his way he left scores of curious people wondering, especially in the US. Why does he throw a rock in the pond? Is this part of a performance art sort of act? Is the rock symbolic of what will happen to the US if Hillary or Obama were to win? Who knows? I am waiting for some illuminated suggestions...

Now, if you go watch another Presidential Debate video in which Gravel participates side by side with Hillary and Obama and the rest of the Democratic gang, organized by MSNBC, you'll see that the guy is totally against the war in Iraq and he's urging the Democrats to even pass a law declaring those soldiers who are stationed there as felons.

Although unusual in his peprception of reality, he's definitely not senile... yet... or, is he?

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