Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Sleeper

Do you remember "The Sleeper"? A Woody Allen movie from the 70ies, one of his lesser works? It appears that Google crawlers (agent software that collects the latest online press articles from the net and reports them on a company's financials pages) picked-up some online "newspaper" this morning, Hindustan Times (?), that suffers from a similar to "Sleeper" syndrom.

Pay attention to the two HT articles, reported as A and B, that are posted this morning next to AAPL's stock performance graph of June 11th... (that's yesterday). Link to them and you see that they are "re-published" today, on June 12th, 2007 although they were originally posted on 13/09/2006 the former and on 1/3/2007 the latter. So we learn (hot from the press) that Apple will eventually launch iTV and the iPhone as well as a new mini iPod...

It seems to me that the HT editor-in-chief asked one of his younger reporters to post something on APPLE about the 2007 WWDC that commenced yesterday in St-Francisco... so the poor lad (probably missed his flight to SF) came up with no better than dig out of their grave those two articles. And of course, Google's crawlers didn't miss a thing! Cool. That's news!

Click on the captured image above for clean view. When I first read the titles I thought I missed something serious from Steve's WWDC keynote yesterday. Further inspection however led me to "what the heck is goin' on here ?!?!" and some nastier foulness. I wonder when HT will find out, if ever, about their boneheadness... They probably need to pay for some ISO consulting care...

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