Monday, July 9, 2007

I wanna buy one of these...not?!

It was about bloody time they came up with a flying transporter that makes you feel better than in a sardine box... unfortunately my generation and older won't have much chance to enjoy this kind of comfort. It's gonna be alright though for our kids, grandkids and beyond... Lucky them!

As I am hearing the soft female voice describing the goodies of this aircraft I am thinking the blood and sweat I have been thru on Transatlantic flights in the eighties and nineties, stuck somewhere back of the bus (what some call coach)... only plus part of that story was that on the way back to Europe I somehow always managed to hijack three consecutive seats and lay down to get some sleep (if you could call that 'sleep'... by the time you were gone, a stupid stewardess would show up with somethin' like 'are you gonna have some breakfast, sir?').

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