Monday, July 2, 2007

Just call me a Butthead...

Jim Budd celebrates in the Apple Store of Chicago's Michigan Avenue on Friday, June 29, after purschasing two new iPhones (max 2 per person allowed). The iPhone is Apple Inc's new product that combines a cellphone with an iPod and an Internet client (web and mail).

In a recent YouTube posting John C Dvorak walks for more than 4 minutes along the queue from tail to head, at the entrance of the St-Francisco Apple Store... Watching the clip reminded me of a black-humor joke in the late eighties, during the notorious scarcity of vital food supplies in Poland. The joke goes like this: A Polish chap converses with his pal... "I'm going to Krakow to find some bread" he says... "Strange", his pal responds, "I heard that it's only in Warsaw where you can find bread nowadays...". "That's right", our guy responds, "...but, it is in Krakow where you can join the tail of the queue!"

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