Monday, July 2, 2007

What's the point?

About all those folks that decided to endure the pain of camping out of Apple Stores in order to be able to get an iPhone for sure, I often wonder... what is their drive for doing that and look like retarted morons? They could just wait until Saturday, walk into any store and pick-up a phone. Of the 2000 stores carrying the item a few were sold out. Okay! Big deal! I can bet you I can walk into any store end of next week, July 14th, and there still gonna be plenty of iPhones to buy. In my wildest dreams I couldn't ever imagine that Apple would take any supply risks when they decided to go live with such a hyped item... kiddos, this ain't no X-Box or PS3, because Apple knows much better than both Microsoft and Sony. Any doubts?

I am only suspicious about when they will be able to launch it in Europe, given our notorious addiction to state bureaucracy and lack of efficiency over here. It's like buying videos on iTunes in Europe, being a greater oxymoron than a peace loving Tony Blair...

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