Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back to the future!

First time I read about it I thought it was a joke. Service Pack 1 (SP1) of Vista will install Windows XP back on a user's computer. Go figure... you waited for so long to buy new gear because you've been waiting for wonderkid Asta La Vista and 9 months later you are on your way back to XPerience...

Don't even think of complaining about it... here's the thing, if you check the small print on your software license agreement you'll see that it is in Microsoft's right to even deliver to you Windows 3.11 (at least that one worked...).

Between you and I, I still don't get it. A 50 Billion dollar company struggling for years to bring out a version of their OS with all the bells and whistles (you wish) and deciding to reinstall the previous gen OS because users have been complaining? What's next then? MS-DOS?

Well done monkey boy! I can't wait to tell Rita (the wife) about that... she's been cursing me ever since I put Vista on her box. I hate to admit that she might be right this time...

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