Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bureaucrats rule...

I thought we only had those double-digit-IQ android Mandarins in the EC/CE alone, but as it appears they pop-up everywhere, even in the smooth French speaking part of Canada. Read on and then compute the total amount of stupidity of Canadian city bureaucrats, aka 'cover-your-ass frigtards'... Use simple arithmetics, plus and minus, times and divided by (maybe some exponentiation is useful here too).

"Planning to open one of their sleek superstores at 1321 Ste. Catherine St. W., Apple Inc. is investing heavily, as always, in design. It would be a nice touch, the company thought, to simplify the look of the shop by getting rid of the three parking meters out front.

So Apple made Ville-Marie borough an offer: "three meters, $3 an hour, so many hours a week, carry the 3 .... we'll give you about $35,000 to cover the lost revenue from those meters over five years. How about it?"

The Apple zealots who refer to a certain enormous West Coast software company as "the evil empire" can know nothing of Ville-Marie bureraucrats. The default mode in Montreal is "non," and that's what the borough promptly said to Apple, La Presse reported..."

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