Tuesday, September 11, 2007

El Fatso Woz continues to be an embarrassment

The man loves to show-off and falls from one blunder to another. I am not the only one to believe that... see here. I copied part of this article below:

"Apple (AAPL) founder Steve Wozniak is off-message with respect to the rationale for Apple's iPhone price cut:

Stephen Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, told The IBC Daily that he thinks Apple's decision to drop the price of the iPhone by up to 50% only two months after it went on the market was "an accidental error" and that he "hasn't talked to anyone who thinks it was a good idea."

The man who is often called the "other Steve" in reference to his more high-profile friend and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Wozniak said he "feels badly" about the early price cut because of all the people who had only recently shelled out $600 for the new iPhone. ..."

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