Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sounds like real fun...

Have you folks heard of this? Well, it seems like another great waste of time when there's nothing else on TV. What's it then? It appears that Blogger developers had some time ago a useless but nevertheless quite a fun idea to stream continuously all the pictures posted on blogs (like this one) that use the Blogger posting environment... as we all know, Blogger belongs to Google, the kids with the deep pockets. Initially, they used the app in-house for fun but someone came up with the idea to go public. And there we are... it's kinda cool, really! I mean, it's much cooler than watching Fox or CNBC, for all I care... The Global village in all its glory.  As I am just posting this a great shot popped-up... a photoshoped nude with cracks; take your click-on for more detail! Great stuff from an Iranian artist of all people (how he's still out of prison with work like this is a mystery...). 

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