Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Holy cripes!

Listen to this... not only Apple stock jumped 6.5 bucks yesterday but they also overtook in market cap Nokia and HP, and are more than twice the size of Dell (where's the time Michael was boasting that the best thing one could do with Apple was sell it and return the money to the investors?), and Motorola; they are closing-in on Intel and approaching pretty fast mighty IBM, Google and Cisco (remember? Cisco was one of four companies ever breaking the threshold of 500B USD market cap; the other three being Microsoft, Intel, and GE). Even today, some of these dudes have got revenues three times as much as Apple but Apple still manages to make an impact on the marketplace with its products never witnessed before (other than Bill Gates in the nineties with Windows 95); articles are already discussing the upcoming Leopard, the mighty cat that will appear in stores this October, with more than 300 innovative enhancements. I can't wait...

Two words: A-mazing!

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