Friday, December 21, 2007

Back to the future... or, why the skies wept!

First time I heard about the Negroponte PC for the poor, I thought of it as a noble initiative. It may still be... the thing I didn't know though is that this wicked piece of hardware would run yet another version of its own windows -like OS and look like shit! I mean, it's not because you want to ship these things to Africa to the poor and needy you also need to assume that your target audience is stupid. The entire world runs on Windows and the other half on Linux... make something that looks like them, for crying out loud! Watch the YouTube clip and see what I mean. My heart bleeds at the idea that young, hungry to learn, African boys and girls are made to believe they will learn to use the internet with garbage gear like this. Mighty Moses, have Mercy on us. Sorry Nicolas, this just sucks!

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