Thursday, December 13, 2007

Honey, I am home!

Well folks, that's true. Unexpectedly late last evening, the Professor surgeon that operated on me came to my room and released me from the hospital. I am now home free! Of couse, I don't feel like rushing up and down the attic yet like I used to before the operation, but still it makes a hell of a difference to be home, especially from a morale viewpoint.

Belly still aches, and I still need to get my bowel trained to accepting normal food, a quite painful experience at times. I actually don't lust much food nowadays...nauseates me. When under stress and emotion I also get hiccups. Therefore I still try to avoid conversations with friends and family who are anxious to talk to me. There is still some way to go until full recovery but at least my family will enjoy year-end holidays.

The greatest news is that there was no further extension of the disease and I won't even be needing chemo or radiation. All done, right here, right now. Sort of. It was a T3N0 (T three N zero) tumor, proves out. I am one LUCKY Bastard!

I'd like to tell you how much I appreciate the interest, prayers, wishes, concerns of each one of you, my friends. I am aware of all your calls, mails, voice messages, cards, flowers, and I will come back to you in the weeks ahead to chat with you individually. Here, I only want to tell you that I love y'al from the deepest of my heart (that still beats and pumps excess fluids out of my operated body as we speak).


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