Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I was told today that I am reaching the end of my stay at the Hospital. This is day 14 of two full weeks where I slept, best case, five or six hours altogether. Insomnia? My lousy character, emotional Greek fixing myself to ridiculous probabilities of things happening to me while unconscious, that kept me from closing my eyes for some rest? Who knows. Fact is I haven't slept in 2 weeks more than I normally sleep in a day. It’s 3.17am on Tuesday as we speak morning and haven't closed an eye yet today too.

Some days it was the associated pain that even pain-killers were no capable fighting against. Some other nights I had panic attacks. Only when I turned out exhausted and the feeling that a family member was in the room I could let go and get some sleep. That was also no longer than a few minutes here and there.

There is no worse than insomnia. I feel real empathy for those who suffer from it. I remember Pacino and Williams from the same title film of a murder case in Alaska during summer where even at night the light was omnipresent. Pacino looked like shit. His usual look is no more different but yet. I look multiples worse.

The worst enemy during insomnia is time. Look at the watch... say 1.33 am. You turn-on the TV, watch some trivial program and hope that time advanced a few hours... watch still shows 1,45 am. True story.

Your best friends are the nurses. They know your issue and when you call them for some assistance on something, they take the time to empathize with you and encourage you. Holly people these nurses, coming in all shapes, looks, age classes and skills. God bless you folks.

(Alex, my talking clock just announced 3.30a)

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