Saturday, December 15, 2007

Taliban Heavens...

A man in the village of Zarinkhel waited with his daughter to see the American medics. "The Taliban has made it abundantly clear that no outside doctors, no outside medical help, can work in this district," an American captain said.

WTF is that Taliban movement trying to do, after all? How thick can a humanoid scull be? Are we nuts to sacrifice our military youth in those morons? Hopefully not.

And because Afghanistan is not the only place God has forgotten for good, here's a similar nutcase situation building up slowly in Congo, Africa.

Nyangira held her 2-month-old daughter Dieu Merci in a therapeutic feeding center in Goma. The humanitarian condition in Congo has reached its most desperate in years. "This situation now is the worst we have had" since the end of the war, said a senior United Nations emergency aid official in Goma. "And it is going to get much, much worse."

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