Saturday, December 22, 2007

What are some tech companies worth nowadays?

Suppose you had enough dough to go buy a large company (you are a Saudi Prince of some sort, so to say), how much would you have to pay these days for some of the big tech names?

I compiled this list of my favorite Nasdaq and NYSE quoted companies. Market cap expressed in Billion USD (what else?)

Microsoft : 337
Google: 218 (Wow!)
Cisco: 173
Apple: 170 (Wow!)
Intel: 157
IBM: 153
Nokia: 151
HP: 134
Oracle: 116
SAP: 62
Dell: 55
Computer Associates: 13

Interesting ranking. Especially for Apple that in 2007 alone has overtaken the likes of IBM, Intel and HP. Don't even mention Dell. Michael is busy sorting it out after the mess it got into a year ago or so. Elisson's Oracle solid with 116B, visibly the second largest ISV behind Microsoft. Not bad for SAP either.

As for my previous employer, CA, one word: shambles!

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