Saturday, January 12, 2008


I found out about this from FSJ's blog. Apparently, some people attending Steve Jobs keynotes during the annual MacWorld events in San Francisco (this year's MWSF event is taking place between Jan 14 and 18, with Steve's keynote on Tuesday, the 15th) come prepared with a list of items they speculate Steve is planning to announce.

Here's the thing. Mac aficionados and Mac rumor sites enjoy the last few months leading to the MWSF event by speculating which next 'big' things are gonna be announced by Apple. This year's rumors are talking about ultra-light portables and some improvements for iPods and iPhones, some media deals that we already know of and more of that boring stuff. Anyway, not much more sexy gear like we are used from Steve and Apple. Nothing compared to last year's iPhone announcement, for instance. Except... there is always one last thing... Apple gave us a hint by their slogan: "There is something in the air" (bloody teasers!)

I don't know if that's true but it appears that when some attendees at the conference hear Steve talk about things they have speculated about, they jump 'n shout 'Bingo', which apparently might irritate his Jobness.

Anyways, one of the rumors this year is that Apple is planning to revive the Newton (a pre-historic PDA from the Sculley era, I think); thus, some Apple geeks composed the (fake) picture on the right (click on it for larger view) with a sense of humor and with some items that are speculated for announcement this year. Figure this: people walking in that conference auditorium with gadgets like these, display formatted in Bingo style with speculative items, shouting 'Bingo' each time Steve talks about any one among them... Admit it, it's a screamer...

Only with Apple!

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