Friday, January 25, 2008

FSJ goes wild on the Pope...

This post is meant for non-members of the Holy Catholic Church... you are warned!

Myself, being a fan and a regular reader of the The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs (FSJ: Fake Steve Jobs, celebrity blogger and Forbes Senior Editor Daniel Lyons) and also a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church (a consequence of being born Greek, albeit not too religiously loyal, and definitely not much of a church goer), I don't feel too bad about copying here one of FSJ's recent posts on Pope Benedict XVIth.

Seems that his Holiness the Pope took the...holy sh*t on modern media recently (and quite right so, I'll have to agree with him, I am afraid). Daniel Lyons, a media representative himself (Senior Editor @ Forbes) took it personally and went to respond somehow to the papal position. Here's what he says... (well said too... so both, B. and D. seem to be right, I am afraid... strange world, innit?)

"... Well it's the oldest trick in the book. Want to get some attention? Bash the media. They'll all come running. Which is exactly what the pope is doing. Pope Benedict XVIVIXXXMFCL has gone on a trolling expedition and issued a fatwa [surely "essay"? ed.] on the press, under the title, "The Media: At the Crossroads between Self-Promotion and Service." Pope says of the media that "in order to attract listeners and increase the size of audiences, it does not hesitate at times to have recourse to vulgarity and violence, and to overstep the mark."

Seriously? The Roman Catholic Church, sponsor of the Inquisition and weekly distributor of flesh and blood to millions worldwide, is wringing its hands about violence? Really? And they're also concerned about vulgarity? Really? Have you seen this dude's classy red shoes? For that matter, have you ever seen the Vatican? Or St. Peter's? These are the people who are lecturing us about vulgarity? A bunch of rich gay Italian dudes who raised zillions of dollars by swindling the world's poorest, dumbest people, then squandered the money building Liberace's dream palace in Rome? Oh, and they're also upset because we like to buy iPods and watch dirty movies? And because we don't care if gay people want to marry each other?..."

I didn't dare publish his last blogpost sentence nonwithstanding. Too heavy to digest... if you wanna read it though, surf to his original blog on your own... May the Lord forgive your sins... if you do that...


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