Saturday, January 5, 2008

Giuliani's secret of 'success'

This YouTube video was ripped from Giuliani's homepage. No wonder that Iowan Republicans decided he was not worth more than 3%. Now tell me. How thick can someone be not to see the mess the current Administration has burried the entire US into? Thousands of casualties in a useless war in the wrong place, with nothing really achieved where it should have been after all (hunting down of that S.O.B. Bin Laden), a domestic economy in shambles, the highest unemployment figure since very long time and a dollar with half its value than what it was when they took over in 2001. Good ol' Rudi thought he can continue this 'successful' insane cowboy 'strategy' and came up with nothing better than using towelheads jumping up and down in order to send a message to his followers and the average American: ' Beware! Without a leader like me (as the one in power now) you are doomed to be extinguished by scores of moron towelheads and their spiritual leader, who, btw, is cowardly hiding like a worm for the last 8 years in the sterile mountains of that appalling country, Afghanistan. '

And the Iowans said: Thank you very much for your message Mr. Mayor, but no thanks! Be happy with a generous 3 percent! Because, by the time any towelheads will be able to cross the pond and mean a real threat again, we'll all be dead of hunger, with no income, homeless and unemployed, sold out to the Chinese and Indians. It's the economy, stupid!

Apparently Rudi believes we still live in the year of 9/11. I don't know this for a fact but I thought I read somewhere that he has even tried to exploit the tragic day by requesting from his supporters to donate 9$ 11cents to his campaign. Jeez, some Yankees deserve a Nobel Prize for creative thinking...

Anyways, if Rudi doesn't get it after Iowa and continues to ride on the 9/11 bandwagon, we are going to see some serious disasters in his effort to gain the Republican nomination for the 2008 Presidentials. He thought it was a slum dunk but I believe he seriously underestimated his co-citizens and the pain the last 8 years have meant to them and the rest of the world.

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