Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The man who won't give up...

I had some good laughs this morning at the reading of this Reuters flash. Two reasons.

First, at a time when people start counting their days and nights and are not sure whether they'll make the next morning (I got an in-law like this, poor sod), Alan G. decided to make some more bucks. "If Blair can do it, why not me?" he's probably thinking. He's right... at least he's got something to say... and now that he has become an ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve he seems to be saying much more than we have ever been used of him. Like using the R word in abundance and interfering with Bernanke's work to the level of irritation. Obviously, Alan doesn't like retirement much, it would seem.

Second, was the statement of the two authors of the Reuters flash about blaming good old Alan for keeping the federal interest rates low four/five years ago and therefore creating the climate for mortgage refinancing that consequently led to the subprime disaster.Who do we blame next for subprime then? The Tsunami? Pope Benedict? Carla Bruni? The Dalai Lama? ...Bin Laden? I mean, c'm on!

I am sure there are few good reporters here and there, like FSJ... even at Reuters. Say, some 1% of the available community worldwide or so. Unfortunately for us, there is this remaining 99% that sucks. What can you do? C'est la vie... Like an old boss used to tell me: "It's so sad that you have two options; either laugh or cry about it. However, life is too short for tears; so I rather have some good laughs."

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