Saturday, January 12, 2008

Only in America

When I first saw the clip I didn't get it. It took me some cycles (I'm gettin' old) to realize what was happening behind the scenes.

Here's the story. Happened at CES (Las Vegas) this last week. CES is where the world's largest show-off their latest goodies for the greatest TV monitors money can buy, especially those available in the future. One notorious example this year included a 3 mm flat TV by Sony based on OLED display technology (so thin because there's no back light as new light is automatically generated by organic substrates stuck upon another, passing electrons among them when voltage applied, and emitting photons of different colors -frequencies- in the process of filling empty electron holes).

Gizmodo confessed to have orchestrated the following gig. They were offered a gadget called TV-B-Gone (see circuitry on photo above) that is capable of shutting down any TV with IR receiver you can think of. So, a Gizmodo crew, equipped with a (candid) camera took a walk around in the CES halls and had a good time, shutting down monitors while people were watching demos, lectures, etc...

Enjoy the clip at YouTube here. Only in the US of A...

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