Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Artists are born as such...

C. and L. are two 5 year old adorable twins who attend the kindergarden at a tiny little village in East Flanders, Belgium, with a wee little kindergarden for a dozen or so toddlers.

Yesterday, Feb 25th, was Rita's birthday (my celeb spouse you already heard of in earlier blogs) and, when she arrived at her desk this morning, the twins surprised her with two beautiful cards they designed themselves.

I like both cards equally, but the one shown here is quite funny with all objects in the classroom shown in a typical for young kids perspective-less space. Rita in olive green jacket and blue skirt (I didn't know she had those), the table where the toddlers eat at noon with a tablecloth with pets on, a file cabinet against the wall with Rita's admin files, a dozen light blue midget chairs, black tiles covering the floor, a clock on the wall, etc...

Beautiful compositions from two kids that promise to become serious artists one day... who knows how prophetic this statement of mine can (will) be?!

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