Friday, February 8, 2008

Learning from the other Steve...

Arik Hesseldahl is a technology writer for In addition, he writes the Byte of the Apple column. Previously, Hesseldahl was a senior editor and technology columnist at Before that, he was senior editor at Electronic News, a contributor to Electronic Business Asia, and a reporter, columnist, and business editor at Idaho State Journal. Hesseldahl is a graduate of the University of Oregon and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Good ol' Arik wrote an open letter to Monkey boy. Go read the whole article at BusinessWeek. Here's a taste (a part where he tells Ballmer to focus like the other Steve in California does... the one who invented the iPod):

"So who has focus? That other Steve. You know, the turtle-necked guy in California who keeps annoying you by selling iPods and computers that typically don't run on Windows. You could learn a lot from him. Focus saved his company from oblivion. Apple (AAPL) does what it's good at, and it expands into new areas carefully. (Examples: iPod, iTunes music store, Apple retail store, iPhone.) Consider this: With sales data showing that Mac computers are growing more popular than ever among consumers, you might think it's a perfect time for Apple to ride that momentum and go after corporate computing. But it won't. Why? Apple knows it wouldn't work because you have the corporate market all tied up with your pals Dell (DELL) and HP."


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