Monday, March 24, 2008

Are the seasons shifting?

I've been living in Flanders for more than 30 years now and all I can remember is that we never had a white Christmas. Sometime mid eighties we had a bad winter for three weeks starting January 1st, getting as low as minus 15 to minus 20 Celsius and that's it. Further, Easters have always been early and windy and wet. Nothing compared to the Eastern Orthodox Easters with people assembling in the garden to roast their lambs. Of course, Eastern Orthodox Easters fall late April even reaching May sometimes, whereas, the Catholic Easter is rather early. This year though it has broken all records in living memory. Even daylight savings for 2008 has not kicked-in yet (in Europe at least).

It seems it will take at least another 160 years before we get Easter that early. Since I have never had the chance to live a white Christmas, good Lord has been so kind to give me the experience of white Easter. Click on my picture shot this morning and surf to my Flicker set to see for yourself.

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