Monday, March 24, 2008

The new mortal sin of getting obscenely rich and its sinners...

Read this NYT article by Andrew Ross Sorkin and tell me if my tastes are right about these spoiled bastards who got together to pretend they wanna save the planet and make some extra billions in the process. Virgin boss and hot-air balloon pretentious adventurer 'Dick' Branson assembled a bunch of nitwits nouveau riches on his private Necker island. They were invited to talk about global warming during a 'think-tank' weekend, with bottomless containers of booze, food to their heart's desire (hopefully not British 'cuisine' fish and chips style) and imported (call)girls in bikini's (normally poodle-naked but for the sake of gamespoil Tony Blair they had to show-up in bikinis, soit disant...).

Here's an excerpt:

“So, do we really think the world is on fire?” Mr. Branson, the British magnate and adventurer, asked several guests as a manservant scurried off to fetch him another glass of pinot grigio.

What he wanted to know was whether his high-powered visitors, among them Larry Page of Google, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and Tony Blair, the former prime minister of Britain, thought global warming threatened the planet.

Mr. Branson does — and so did most of his guests. So on this recent weekend they assembled here, on his private hideaway in the waters between the islands of Tortola and Anegada, to figure out what to do about it and perhaps get richer in the process..."

That's what FSJ had to say about the event...

"...For example, Branson asks, "Do we really think the world is on fire?" Of course the other nitwits say yes, yes, yes, oh yes, the world is definitely on fire, a major catastrophe is right around the corner, oh my God, yes, it's terrible, fire everywhere, conflagration, the planet is melting -- and oh, Tony, could you be a dear and pass me that amazing tarte Tatin and just a smidge of that whipped cream? Lovely. And then let's do some more windsurfing and Jimmy can go bother the whores.

Never mind that we just had an incredibly cold winter in North America and huge record snowfalls across the continent. As Al Gore said to a bunch of us the other day, these record cold spells and record snowfalls are actually caused by global warming. To which Jerry York replied, "Jeez then I guess we better stop this global warming before we all fucking freeze to death, eh?"

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