Friday, April 18, 2008

Genius or plain stupid?

Everytime I am thinking of stopping for good to post iPhone related blogs, there's again some weird news about it that makes me start all over...

Go have a look here... if you understand Dutch it's self explanatory; for the rest of you here's the story. Some guy who goes by the name pgtrends (Gosh, he used the P&G logo too (!!!); probably someone they fired) decided to start a little business for himself by renting 'trendy' items during weekends, with formal contracts and all. This time he rents iPhones for more than 135 bucks a day, 230 bucks for a weekend.

Now tell me, how stupid you have to be to spend that type of dough for showing off a rented iPhone over the weekend? Impress the broads? Gimme a break!

No wonder our neighbors are making fun of us 'stupid' Belgians!

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