Friday, April 4, 2008

The R word...

I had fun with this article in Fortune Magazine earlier today.

It deals with the luxuries the rich among us will have to push back as they find themselves amid a much debated Recession. Bernanke says we are already in, payrolls drop in record numbers, so on which daily pleasures are the rich and famous about to start cutting back?

I'll summarize that for you right here, right now:

Pilates (C'm on!)

I can understand Hotels... as they have become obscenely expensive nowadays without much improvement in their service and facilities and demanding twice or more the price compared to few years ago.

I can understand Golfing as this is also obscenely expensive for a game that's all about hitting a stupid ball in a hole by using expensive clubs...

I can understand yachts... who has them anyway? Like the saying goes, that your two best moments in owning a yacht are the day you buy it and the day you sell it. In between, f*ck it!

Now, how about steaks?!?! WTF! I mean, who cares? Maybe people decided to eat more white meat and more vegetables as it is. Much healthier too. Red meat is bad for bowel cancer as well. I know that for a fact! So less juicy steaks is not as bad as it sounds.

At last, pilates! I've grown almost 55 to find out what the heck this is. I thought people were talking about Pontius and his washing his hands from the blood of our Lord Jesus C. Then I realized this one was spelled with -es and not -us. Turns out it's a yoga like exercise for pensioners fooling them about reaching the nirvana for body and soul... and lots of this Far Eastern BS! Anyways, I don't do Pilates either and I wouldn't care less if I had to miss it.

Now tell me, don't you think the Fortune article is a scream?!

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