Friday, April 4, 2008

Think different and get rich...

Or the other way around... who can say? Anyways, there is this survey done among users of the iPhone and, surprise... surprise... they all seem to be young and high income, sophisticated, and tech savvy geeks! And they all drive BMWs and Ferraris. The men look like Jude Law and the women like J-Lo. And they all enjoy a superb sex-life. Do you want more? C'm on!

Why commission surveys like this one is a mystery to me. What do we learn from its conclusions is even a bigger enigma. Is the iPhone a tool just for elite members? Not anymore if you believe T-Mobile in Germany is washing out its stocks and giving it for free these days (99 euros, wow!). So, it's not its price that stops it from being owned by the less than average income and not too sophisticated, right? My N95's cost was heads and shoulders above the iPhone's (what an ass I was). In Germany the iPhone is so cheap nowadays that you shouldn't even bother keeping it at all if its battery dies. Go buy another one, right?

On the other hand, why should you be tech savvy for a gadget that even blind can operate? I only owned an iPhone for a few hours (before my daughter grabbed it). I own an iPod Touch and I can say the two are identical where the iPhone has got a camera, a mic, speakers and can place phone calls as well. Ok fine. I believe I can live with my touch iPod and my N95 without the need of an iPhone whatsoever.

What'd you expect... I am above 50, modestly sophisticated, got no income worth talking about nowadays and I am an... amateur geek, I think. So, I'll stick with the Nokia for the time being.

Peculiar survey if you ask me... nevertheless.

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