Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Microsoft blunder of proportion...

I've been quite skeptical and critical of Microsoft in the last dozen years. These folks don't seem to be getting anything right anymore. They tried to build a position in 'search' for so long... they ended up in third place. They are trying to acquire the nr 2, they get away empty handed. Next, they go after the Mac OSX look and feel... they end up 7 years later with the Vista disaster. They move into the MP3 players with Zune... years later you can't even find the darn thing in other than US shops (who's looking for it anyways?). A year and half ago, they do their regular thing, mimicking others' great ideas and throwing shitloads of cash into it. They decide to scan all of the world's books and do what Google already started before them. 700,000 books later they decide to ax the project (five days ago). What the hell is going on with them?

I'm telling you... it's the law of nature. When you grow fat beyond proportion, you're confined to a bed (if it can hold your weight) and wait to die. It will probably take a new Gestner to replace Monkey Boy and put Microsoft on a diet. Starting by laying off all the mediocrity that the company accumulated into its middle management ranks in the last ten years. You see, they needed to grow and they hired like crazy. They had to get mediocrity to fulfill their headcount requirements, there was no other way, and that mediocrity hired even more mediocrity. The company ended up with gray people, like those slick IBM blue suits in the eighties, who can all explain to you the thousand reasons that made them and the company to fail... taking the piss on everybody else (yep... it's never their fault).

Sad story. Not because I am still a shareholder... (getting rid of it pretty soon) but because this is where the new Microsoft, known as Google, is also gonna be in ten years time. The law of the overweights (... or the dinosaurs!)

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