Friday, May 23, 2008

Ballmer ducks and recovers...

Well, I had the faint impression that Eastern Europeans weren't a-holes. I was wrong again, then. This time poor Monkey Boy suffered an assault on his 'life' by an idiot who wanted to prove to the rest of the planet that he is really gifted with a single digit IQ. Dressed in a blouse with the writing 'Microsoft is corrupt' on his back, he stood up to claim Microsoft's money was stolen from the people and should be returned to the people (another brainless red) and he then started throwing eggs onto Steve. Terrifying fact, the audience laughed, and no security in sight to Steve's protection. If that nutcase was just a tiny bit more insane than he already is and happened to carry a gun, we may have witnessed far worse events. Don't forget Hungary is called HUNgary because its people stem from Attila the Hun! By taking a shot at Steve, one of Attila's grandchildren has just proven again the origin of his genetic code.

Anyways, to Steve's credit, he recovered wonderfully and was able to joke about it as well.

I am pretty upset though. WTF (w for who) does that moron Hungarian savage think he is? I mean, Ballmer is a shrewed businessman but... Gosh, regardless what Microsoft has done to become the Number One of the software business, it has changed our daily lives to the (much) better and Bill Gates turned into the greatest philanthropist the world has ever known. Neither Gates nor Ballmer deserve to be treated like this.

As the saying goes about the "ex"- communists of the 'new' Europe: "once a whore, always a whore..."

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