Sunday, May 11, 2008

Looking for portrait models

Making people portraits with good cameras has always been what I wanted to do for living... but I never did that. I wasn't meant to. All I was able to do was to shoot myself, Rita (spouse) or my three kids, and occasionally some friends and neighbors. I remember that I used to 'force' them kids to sit in front of my modeling lamps for hours and they all hated it... now that all three of them became adult there's no way I can get them in front of my lenses, unless they feel sorry about me. That's what happened with my youngest 20 year old who in a moment of goodness last Saturday accepted to pose in front of my brand new Canon 40D. He loved to watch the shoot as it has been deploying on a 24 inch iMac monitor within micro-seconds after the studio bulbs flashed. That was my selling argument to him, btw, as I have been bragging about the brand new iMac driven Canon body.

Above shot is one of many I took of him. Rest can be found by linking to the Flickr set where this is coming from. I think the kid might make a good fashion model... something that cannot be said of his father... not anymore anyways...

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