Monday, May 5, 2008

Microhoo stats

Now that even my granny knows that Microsoft has blown off its deal with Yahoo (Jerry Yang... what an idiot... thank God I never held their stock) let's look at some stats of today's trading... Yahoo average trading volume on an dull day does give and take 26M shares... today a hefty 277M and change. Microsoft only had a fraction of that over-activity... just less than twice the volume of an average day (avg 62,4M shares whereas today they did close to 117M shrs in volume). Both ended the day in red, with Yahoo falling by 21% in pre-market and ending the day at about 15% and change whereas Microsoft started the day pretty much in the black and turned half a percent point in the red by 4pm EST... probably because of monkey boy's lack of ability to convince the market that he knows what he's doing...

Anyways, I stick to my favorite of all stocks and hardware supplier, the fruit company (AAPL) that reached another milestone on its way to 200 bucks a share and beyond... the rest is plain BS!

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