Sunday, May 11, 2008

More spicy hot from the North...

I had no clue the Swedes had time for that... read this article found in our favorite Swedish tabloid, The Local...

A man pretending to be a sex researcher made calls to several women near the northern Swedish city of Sundsvall to inquire about their sexual habits.
The interviews led eight of the women to report the man to police, according to the newspaper Sundsvalls Tidning.
“Stone the bastard,” said a 22-year old who was taken in by the phony researcher and revealed details about her sexuality during puberty.
In addition to posing questions about women’s sex lives, the man on several occasions also offered lessons on masturbation.
He asked the women to take off their clothes and follow his instructions.
Police have no leads, as the man made his calls from a protected telephone number.

Planet warming, you said? The North getting hotter and icebergs melting? You wish...

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