Sunday, May 11, 2008

More stats...

Every time I watch or read John C. Dvorak's podcasts and columns he' s taking the pis on US based ISP providers and network operators for delivering appallingly low upload and download speeds to their consumers. The thing that John C obviously is not aware of is this. Of the top 10 national scores, nr one is Japan (not Korea), nr 2 is Sweden (kinda normal) but nr 3, 4 and 5 are countries that didn't know a PC if it hit 'em in the face some 20 years ago. Romania, a couple of Baltics and Bulgaria being there just in the middle of the rank. Only then follows Korea, the Netherlands, Germany and the Russians! Tells you something, doesn't it?

It's good not to have had any IT legacy before in your life. That's what happened with the East after the fall of the curtain. I heard about Baltic countries using SMS to pay public parking spots for more than ten years now. Recently the same was introduced in the city of Antwerp and the media did like they invented how to split the atom!

Anyways, I shouldn't complain, folks. My own benchmark per the 'speedtest' that gave us the above stats shows download speeds of 2.33MB/s when pinging a London, UK, server, 250 km away from where I live. I shouldn't complain. My upload is kinda slow at 485Kb/s but they (Telenet) promised to go higher, double that, in a month. Besides, I am not acting as a download server whatsoever... so, not a big deal!

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