Saturday, May 24, 2008

Think different...

When most other normal people think about their imminent retirement and about spending money on viagra and stuff this dude decided to jump into the history from a balloon at 130,000 feet altitude (almost 40km). Read the article to see what I mean.

As far as I know based on another article published just 8 hours ago, his team was in final preparations this last Friday... meaning he is still alive.

Wish him the best. He deserves it (well, he does... he spent 20 years of his life preparing for that, he jumped 8000 times todate, and sold his house to fund his adventures; this amounts to a whopping 20M USD made up of his own and of his sponsors' dough).

UPDATE: Apparently the test had a happy ending! The balloon departed on its own without the frog suspended on it. Cost: the best part of 200 grand. Well, at least he's alive and made it to all the media worldwide as the biggest loser of all time. What an end! His five minutes of fame...

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