Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well folks, this time it worked. Recorded my own time lapse while I was painting a portrait, exactly as I wanted it to work out... 571 shots in total with a duration of a quarter of a second per shot (about 6 frames and change), with some titles and background sound, altogether yielded a clip of 2:31 min. The subject is a portrait of an African that I picked over from Flickr. I didn't want to waste too much time in sketches and stuff, so I used my cheap tricks. Enhanced the picture, printed it on A3 size (Canon 9000 pro), on thick paper that I normally use for watercolors and then I went over it with regular acrylics as if it was on canvas. The result you can see. The clip I assembled of course in iMovie (in less than 20 min, incl upload to YT). Music is from the Babel soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat.

Funny thing, as the original picture was on sepia I had to invent the coloring on my own and without realizing I painted his robe in orange. Only after the clip was posted on YT I came to realize that I made the poor sod look like an Al Qaeda convict sitting locked in Guantanamo Bay. Sorry folks, any resemblance is purely accidental.

I don't know about you but my youngest kid thinks the clip is just cool... especially Desplat's background music African song.

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