Monday, June 9, 2008

Tonite, Ich bin ein Hollander!

Have you guys seen the game? How the Dutch took the spaghetti's to the cleaners? Oh my Goad! Oh my Goad!

Let it be a lesson to those who thought that the Dutch lost their 'mojo' in a soccer game!

Today we witnessed the work of one of the two finalists of this year's Uefa Euro 2008. I just lov' it!

I am also looking forward to see how my compats, the reigning Cup holders (Euro 2004), will manage tomorrow, trying, I hope, not to make a fool of themselves.

Anyways, I believe we're gonna see the final between Germany and Holland for the n-th time and I hope it doesn't end again like it used to... with the Germans winning another European cup... would be a shame for my Dutch friends... BTW, I am feeling closer to the Dutch for some time now, ever since my eldest son has been living for a second year in Arnhem and most probably he's is probably gonna try his future there... following my advice, that is!

Cross your fingers for the ├╝ber-Dutch, folks... And, to my beloved Belgian compats: study the cheese-heads' game, bros... you might learn something about kicking the stupid ball after all...

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