Sunday, June 1, 2008


From time to time there's a song or a singer that blows me away. I blogged about Arid in the past and Katie Melua and Yusuf Islam (alias Cat Stevens)... Yesterday, as I was driving to Ghent, I 'discovered' (became conscious of his existence, that is to say...) this guy (singer and songwriter) going under the name Jonathan Vandenbroeck (I hope I got his name right) of the Belgian group Milow. It was an interview with him on Radio 2 (Flemish National Radio Broadcast). I knew of his earlier hit song 'You don't know', but they just released that new CD 'Coming of age' with the song on the YT clip above, 'The Ride', claiming the highest popularity scores on the Milow iTunes ranks.

I believe he's da man!

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