Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Twits

Go visit my twits... Gettin' better and better all the time; here's a teaser (to make sense read them in reverse order though).

Go away folks! I'm a real bore! Reading my twits is a waste of freakin' life! Read my blogs instead 3 minutes ago from web

Meaning, some folks watch every freakin' Twit pass by and some (veeeeery few) think I'm kinda 'interesting' and start following me... 5 minutes ago from web

Oh... Now I get it! I see my followers multiply. Was 23 (big deal) when I started few min back, got to 25 now. 6 minutes ago from web

I'd rather stop now. Said too much. Twitting turns out more addictive than Blogging! Spouse gonna get mad @ me again 10 minutes ago from web

Maybe I should sell it to SMAK as a conceptual art piece. Lightening struck Bravia dead on arrival! What a theme! 13 minutes ago from web

First let's see what the Insurance man will want to cover from the damages. Then we'll see. 15 minutes ago from web

talking of HDTV... the lightening struck Bravia not yet back from repairshop... even Rita suggested to start thinking about writing it off! 16 minutes ago from web

What's so wrong with me? How come I even watch the darn thing? Is it because of the HDTV aspect of it? Get a life! 17 minutes ago from web

Is that sob Hidding gonna do it again? First with Korea, then Australia, now freakin' Russia! Sold to money the freaktard! 19 minutes ago from web

Tonite Cheesehead-land meets Russia. Is it gonna be as it should or are we gonna see another mess Turkey/Croatia style? 22 minutes ago from web

Twitterrific hangs on me far too often. Is it it, or is it Twitter itself? Maybe Twitter is becoming a victim of its success. 26 minutes ago from web

It's Saturday you said? So what? People ain't working on Saturdays? Sez who? Maybe south of the border but not in Flanders... 31 minutes ago from twitterrific

A day opens up... in an hout the painter comes to work on walls and ceilings of the kitchen space. About time... 32 minutes ago from twitterrific

Feargal Sharkey is singing 'a good heart' on Nostalgie right now. My all time favorite. What a voice! 33 minutes ago from twitterrific

...with penalties from the braindead Croatians. 34 minutes ago from twitterrific

That's what makes it addictive. I never get excited about anything anymore... except when teams like the Turks score at 121 and qualify... 35 minutes ago from twitterrific

Soccer is a bitch! Mostly the best win but from time to time you got Greeks and Turks messing it up and beating the bets. 37 minutes ago from twitterrific

Radio Nostalgie reminds me of the Turkish qualification yesterday evening. Now I understand what people felt when the Greeks won in 2004. 38 minutes ago from twitterrific

That's the reason I adore John C. Read here: 40 minutes ago from twitterrific

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