Monday, June 2, 2008

Pretty Amazing...

If you are a baby boomer like myself, you've probably grown up with the songs of the Jewish Elvis, that is to say, the one and only Neil Diamond... in his late sixties today. He's been writing and singing hit pop-songs for four decades, starting with the song he wrote for the Monkeys, "I am a believer". Did you know that? I'd recommend to you to listen his latest album release 'Home after dark' that carries the top single 'Pretty amazing grace' as well. Check this clip at YouTube for a first taste.

I'm listening to his singing and I'm thinking... some mum's do have 'em. What a voice and talent this guy's got. Voice, lyrics, music, rythm... how does he do it? A son of a Russian-Polish Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn, NYC, he's grown to one of the greatest pop music stars of the last two centuries. Wow! 120 million records and counting! With some of the top pop-classics of all time.

My favorite of his latest album is "If I don't see you again" (see lyrics here).

I like particularly this part:

Its time for saying goodbye
Cos if I stay for too long
You’d get to know me too well

And find that something was wrong

The time is perfect to go

Before the curtain descends

Right now when both of us know

That everything’s got to end

If I don’t see you again


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