Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sharing slides

Ever heard about Web 2.0 communities sharing slide presentations? What else! Yep, there may be a number of them out there; I happened to be pointed at one of them by the CEO - Tony guy whom I do follow on Twitter. The community 's going by the name SlideShare and it's got looks and functions reminiscent of YouTube and the likes.

You can even download their slide presentations. I already tried that and I got a PDF file with all slides as posted by their author. That PPT was called : Happiness as your business model! Hot stuff!

I guess this could be useful to millions out there struggling to put PPTs together about any subject their heart desires. Not a bad idea by the takers of this initiative. Get some traffic first, monetize it (or not) next and then sell off to Yahoo, Google or Microsoft and sing your way to the bank. A geek's wet dream!

Why not?

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