Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Zappos.com CEO - Tony

I've been following the Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh on Twitter for a few days now and I gotta admit this guy seems to be an interesting phenomenon of top to bottom communication from a company's boss to his field staff. Take a look at some of his recent postings:

Busy busy day! Lots of meetings, finally headed home now to relax and figure out why @el_gato is mute.about 4 hours ago from txt

Just finished watching Incredible Hulk movie. It was surprisingly good! 09:49 PM June 22, 2008 from txt

Business idea: open up place that is a gym during day. Move equipment in evening & make it night club at night, so space is always utilized. 05:01 PM June 22, 2008 from txt

Headed to Bellagio buffet for early dinner with an old family friend. Well, she's not actually old, but I've known her since 1st grade. 04:46 PM June 22, 2008 from txt

Wow, lots of really great feedback & ideas for online "Zappos Business School" idea. Thx everyone, keep it coming! http://twitter.zappos.com 10:53 AM June 22, 2008 from web

Thoughts? If you are a business owner, would you feel this was valuable and worth paying $39.95/month for? What else would you like to see? 10:12 AM June 22, 2008 from web

Goal would be to build a new business where we are helping other businesses build great businesses by sharing what we've done at Zappos. 10:12 AM June 22, 2008 from web

Plus weekly Q&A live video interviews w/ Zappos folks incl me where questions come from subscribers & also interviews w/ other entrepreneurs 10:12 AM June 22, 2008 from web

Videos, documents, etc. sharing everything we do for recruiting, HR, culture, customer service/call center, training, leadership/mgmt, etc. 10:11 AM June 22, 2008 from web

Thinking of starting a subscription site ($39.95/month) for business owners where we share details of how we do things internally at Zappos 10:11 AM June 22, 2008 from web

Just went through @missrogue presentation "Happiness as Your Business Model" - Great stuff! http://twurl.nl/rltqiy 01:44 AM June 22, 2008 from web

Excited thinking about how to apply concepts from "The Happiness Hypothesis" book to help build and improve company culture! 09:10 PM June 21, 2008 from txt

Halfway thru "The Happiness Hypothesis". Very interesting book - examines religions, philosophies on happiness in science/research context. 09:06 PM June 21, 2008 from txt

http://twitpic.com/2loq - So I decided to buy the AeroGarden that I've been seeing on infomercials. Supposedly I can harvest my own sala ... ... 04:44 PM June 21, 2008 from TwitPic

Felt great to catch up on sleep - got up finally at 1 PM today! Now reading "The Happiness Hypothesis" w/ corn nuts + beef jerky + red bull. 03:23 PM June 21, 2008 from web

I'll be giving 2 tours of Zappos offices today! @twitpic visiting from Tulsa & @infosourcer from Oregon (she won trip to Vegas via Twitter) 05:57 AM June 20, 2008 from web

At Fireside off St. Rose with 15 Zappos employees & friends including Zappos.TV, merch, marketing, dev, & HR folks. Stop by if in the area! 09:34 PM June 19, 2008 from txt

Great dinner with @twitpic @desrey @makenai @krianbalma @zappos_alfred. @twitpic & @desrey will be touring Zappos offices in the morning! 09:09 PM June 19, 2008 from txt

Good offsite meeting today. Headed to Palazzo for dinner with @twitpic and Zappos folks. 04:43 PM June 19, 2008 from txt

Leaving Green Valley Ranch with Zappos folks and headed home. Good dinner w/ Columbia. 10:19 PM June 18, 2008 from txt

Do the test: How many bosses you had in your entire career that were anything like Mr. Hsieh? This guy is breaking the molds. I won't be surprised if future management books are full of case studies from his company. It'd be interesting to crawl in this guy's brain and see how he thinks. Recently I spoke about a book written about the 'brain' of Steve Jobs. A similar work about the Zappos boss won't be a bad idea. If you are a writer you can start collecting background material by following him on Twitter. BTW, I'm taking Tony's advice on the Incredible Hulk. I love Edward Norton to my heart, anyways. One of the best actors in history, ever!

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