Friday, July 11, 2008

3G blast!

Do you kids all remember the turn of the century eight years ago? When we were watching CNN showing the turn to Y2K from Sydney, Tokyo, Bejing, Delhi, and on and on from east to west? With all the fuzz and fireworks and stuff?

Well, that's what I thought of today at the reading of this article. We are living all over again the turn of a century with the 3G going on sale. Other than a monumental cluster f*ck they got into with yesterday's launch of (still down after almost 20 hours now) Apple is doing well again. Even in after hours trading it's picked up a couple of bucks yesterday evening, having dropped with the market on Tuesday at levels it doesn't deserve. Good for us with AAPL stock in our hands (bought mine few years back @ 15 bucks a piece and was scared I paid too much for it... Geez! Better be born lucky than rich, as my late pal Graham Price from Wales, UK, used to say... RIP)

Other experiences of the last 24 hours? Yep, I upgraded to 7.7 and was able to download a few minor apps from the app-store but connecting my iPod Touch (no jailbreak monkey biz ever done) yielded nooooothingggg*! Other than hanging my iTunes a couple of times... Any update? Nooooothingggg*! 1.1.4 seems to be their latest up to this moment of writing. I guess they wait for the flower kids in California to see the July 11th sunrise in PDT before they release any of that.

In the meantime, all those amateurs with jailbroken iPhones of the 1st G are seriously warned by ziPhone to stay away from iTunes 7.7 or any iPhone 2.0 upgrades and wait for the 'Z' Master's new crack! Good luck suckers! You ain't gonna get GPS on your pathetic jailbroken stuff whatever you do...

in Zibri's words (a geek's ultimate 21st century poetry...) :

The device failsafe utility
(or Device firmware upgrade as someone says),
better known as DFU
it's a failsafe basic (and quite trivial) bootloader
present on the iPhone.
This is the weak point of the iPhone 2G and
hopefully 3G.
This post maybe means nothing to you,
but before anyone will say I copied/robbed anything
just remember you read it here first.
I will not release anything tomorrow.
And I strongly suggest
not to upgrade itunes nor the iPhone.

Stay tuned.

Good luck suckers! You ain't gonna get GPS on your pathetic jailbroken stuff whatever you do...

* as said Manuel from Barcelona, Courtesy of Faulty Towers ;-)

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