Wednesday, July 23, 2008

His Jobness is alive and well!

Stop the Press! Steve's alive an' kickin'! Read the news and watch the two commentators talk about it in the streaming video of Yahoo! Finance. It's true! The Master is cancer-free and the stock may rally again!

What a world we live in. So much attention on the well-being of the CEO of a company, albeit not the largest on the planet. But, this is Steve, el Jobso. A semi-God! What am I sayin', people! The Messiah Himself!

It's so ironic! A man, whose name in conjunction with 'asshole' produces 152,000 hits on Google Search, makes front page news worldwide with a simple flu he suffered two months ago.

Is the health of Mr. Jobs a private matter like CFO Oppenheimer suggested? No way... Come on, people! We have never had anyone like him since... Jesus of Nazareth. What are you talking about Mr. O? Private f*ckin' matter? Are you out of your freakin' mind? Who's gonna do the next Pod thing then? And Ultra Hi-Def TV? And Decaphonic Stereo system? And orgasmic water mattresses? (oops!)

On a serious tone, though, his Jobness did it again! He got us scared to death , about the prospects of him dying soon... I've been depressed since last Sunday about the health news leakage. Sonovabiche! In revenge, let me add another Google hit: ASSHOLE!

I am really happy he's well and kicking, notwithstanding. I wish he lives to be hundred. For our own sake... and that of our children.

UPDATE: You should go watch the real time graph at Google Finance of the Apple stock rallying by the millisec ever since that NYT article hit the net! Real fun!

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