Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sharing files in

Another promise that did not yet materialize is the sharing of files whereby you pick-up a file on your idisk, you press a 'share' button and 'me' creates an email message that contains a 'download' button; you can then send that email note to those who you wanna give download rights to that file (instead of mailing it by attaching it to a message, which might be impossible if the file is pretty large).

John, the Applestore 'salesman' shows this function in the guide movie of with a lot of excitement but in reality this function doesn't work as of yet; there's only a 'download' button when you are on your idisk and select any file, but no 'share' button whatsoever. This is kind of insane because, why on earth would you wanna download a file from your idisk as it was probably you who uploaded it there in the first place... (other than backup and recovery).


Conclusion: unusually for Apple, this launch has been a bit of a cluster fuck, pardon my French!

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