Friday, July 25, 2008

What really happened to Steve Jobs

My knowledge of the Medical Profession and its terminology is less than sub-minimal. However, I couldn't help finding that article about the state of health of His Jobness quite interesting. It seems that now that he has leaked the cause of his weight loss to NYT everybody out there in the Cloud became an expert on his medical condition. And I'm thinking... for more than seven weeks after the WWDC, reporters and bloggers have been speculating all sorts of things... Jobs is dying... he's already dead and waving at y'all from the skies... the man is half the man he used to be (I stole this from F. Mercury). Good thing that El Jobso is not a womanizer like Larry Ellison, otherwise some cloud moron might have come up suggesting he's caught Aids from one of his female VPs.

Anyways, a soothing article, to all of us modest AAPL shareholders. We are now assured by 'factual evidence' he ain't gonna die tomorrow, bless his soul. Still the 'smart ass' mystery in human behavior dealing with similar situations remains. Anyone with a double digit IQ and elementary knowledge of the medical profession could have written that article long ago. Why hasn't this happened. Now that Jobs himself leaked a plausible reason for his state of health, everyone seems to know wikipedia-like details about his condition. They are also taking the piss on the PR lady. WTF? PR ladies are there to tell the world what they are told to say, by their bosses. Won't do that? Security escorting out of the building in a heartbeat. In that sense ValleyWag are a bunch of day dreamers. Didn't they know that yet? Or, haven't they ever worked for a real company? A little visit to the White House in the Nation's Capital can teach them the basics of the PR profession made for dummies!

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