Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wisdom of the common man.

Never pass-up a bathroom...
Never waste a hard-on...
Never trust a fart...

Jack Nicholson, starring an aged self-made billionaire in the recent 'The Bucket List' movie, in a bizarre duet with Morgan Freeman, both suffering brain cancer and waiting for the inevitable to happen in the following half year, says these three "never" phrases, talking to his assistant, as the wisdom of the common man. He goes: One of the things you learn as you are aging are... (and the 3 "never" phrases above follow -VJK).

At times it was a hard film, especially to those of us who have been personally burdened with cancer operations. Nevertheless, you get used to it and go on to follow the story enjoying the 'odd couple' as they experience life on a tour around the globe.

When Nicholson spitted out the 3 "never", I stopped the player, rewound it and watched the scene again... and again... it was so hilarious. A great invention these DVD players, aren't they? And I am thinking, of all the movie stars I saw in almost 50 years, Nicholson must be the only one who can masterfully play scenes like that one. His diabolic eyes and eyebrows taking up a sly, naughty look that only he can do... the phrases escaping his lips in a calm, 70 RPM, base tone, word by word making an audience burst into laughter with tears; the man can do any role, but his best parts are those when he's being naughty and telling spicy stories, sure thing.

This movie was definitely one of the best I saw in recent years.

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