Friday, August 22, 2008

A bicycle...

I got myself a bicycle. Sounds like Freddy Mercury, doesn't it? I could hardly believe it myself but it's true. Last bicycle I ever had was paid by my dad 45 years ago. It was a fine vehicle, made in France by Peugeot... yes sir! Red and silver gray.

This time over, (check more shots by clicking the picture shown) the technology involved is far above what I've ever been used before. Special brakes, 9 speed mechanism, saddle and steering adjustments, aluminum body, air suspension, and beautiful ride feeling. My kids and spouse are already envying me. I am not sure I'll be able to use it heavily though but I don't mind staring at it as well. A fine piece of modern technology and result of years long of specialized research. Bicycles came a long way, especially in this country where they seem to be a national passtime.

However, you got to know things about getting a good deal when buying a new bike. I don't have a clue. Thanks to Bavo though, a family friend, who's the world's leading expert on all things bicycles, I got me the deal of my life! Well done B, you're da man!

Don't expect me to turn into Eddy Merckx Jr any time soon though. I'll be glad to lose some extra weight by riding it around during sunshine weekends (where are these?). Wish me luck!

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