Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dictatorial?!? Moi?!

What is this thing with the App Store? Now you see an app now you don't. They keep pulling down apps from their store at will. Of course they may have their own reasons for that but, how can you blame ziPhone and the Dev team for jailbreaking the iPnone/Pod OS and allowing third party apps to install without Apple's or anybody else's consent? Even if you are called Apple you have no right to decide what we are putting on things we paid money for. Right? Imagine Apple told us what software we can use on our Macbooks. No Way! Are they nuts or somethin? It's already too much they want us to only buy cellphone subscriptions from their preferred operators, innit? Or, are they doing this because they want to 'protect us' from ourselves? Kinda reminds me my days living in Greece under the colonels in late sixties. Bleeding Nazi lovers!

BTW, I am still standing by my positive evaluation of the paradigm around the App Store in the blogpost hereunder, no reason why not! That doesn't give them the right to grow Adolf mustaches under their nose though!

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